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This is it, guys. The only DC vs. Marvel fight that matters.

For $17k you could save 566 lives

For $17k, you could save a con. OR for $17k, you could save 566 lives.

And in this case, you could also get autographs from voice actors in Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill, and Soul Eater! Save a life. Get cool stuff. It’s that simple.

And please be sure to share this with your friends! Spread the love!


I’ve heard a lot about Dashcon and how they managed to raise $17k in under an hour to keep their convention alive. Do you think we can do the same thing to keep people alive?

Donate more than $25, and I’ll mail you a signed postcard (while supplies last - I’ve only got 100 - please message me on tumblr once you’ve done it)
Edit: Donate more than $30, and you also get a signed Ryuko (Kill la Kill) card from voice actress Erica Mendez. Yaaaaay!
Edit edit: And at $40, you get a signed Soul Eater card from Micah Solusod.


(Even if you can’t donate, please reblog and share. Every little bit helps. Thank you!)

I KNOW I’m not the only person who thought this. Right?

Took about a month to shake my new speech pattern. XD

If you want to hear how the show turned out, be sure to grab a copy of A Certain Scientific Railgun S and listen for me as Kinuhata. It was a crazy ultra good time.

The ultimate teamup.

Based on this twitter conversation between Joel and Micah.

Thor Toys are Weird


I don’t know why, but Thor toys have always been a extra level of weird to me. I mean, this one is obviously just poor button placement (or strategic button placement?)

But THIS one comes with his arms torn off. On purpose.


On purpose.

And I’m not even sure how this one came to be.


Since I’m at my table nearly the entire convention, I don’t get to see much of the con. I do my best to appreciate what I do see with games like Anime Con Bingo. For the sake of keeping things interesting (???), I’ve decided to start posting my bingo cards for everyone to see. If you want to watch me play live (or suggest what goes on my card in the first place), be sure to follow me on twitter or instagram. See you guys at the next con!

Hey gang! Ever wanted to know what’s going on behind the scenes in the Fairy Tail dub? Well, director Tyler Walker is currently accepting questions, and he will answer them on the next DVD commentary! Now’s your chance to ask about casting choices, which actors are the craziest, or who he thinks would win in a fight. XD

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