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Hey, my name's Ayu. Sometimes I do the thing where I talk into a mic and then you can hear me in anime and video games and stuff. This blog has voice acting tales, art, and silliness. Follow for great justice.

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a food post. orz Made peanut butter chocolate cupcakes for work yesterday. They seemed to go over pretty well.

Hey gang! I’m happy to share that I’ll be voicing Kinuhata in the upcoming English dub of A Certain Scientific Railgun S. She’s ultra hardcore, so I hope you keep an eye out for this release.

You can check out the rest of new Railgun S cast members here.

I’m super pro, guys.

Hey guys. I don’t know if you know this, but it’s always been my dream to be a manga-ka. I think I’m finally ready to make that happen! I’m going to be running a Kickstarter to raise $9000.01 to make my manga and then send it to Shonen Jump. I think I have a pretty good shot at getting published!


Since Space Dandy is going on break Bea’s decided to branch out.

It was surprisingly easy to get Bea to fit in with the Muppets.

Hulu’s latest recommendation based on my viewing history. What’s the algorithm behind this, because now I’m confused.


Preview of our cover for Issue #03 of Ties That Bind!

Ties That Bind has been on hold for a bit due to the fact that I’m spending most of my time finishing Backstage Pass, but since that’s coming to a close, I’ve finally gotten the time to do a little more for the comic. Next chapter’s gonna be a fun one!

I got really excited about Robotics;Notes last week, but it turns out that people were just getting their pre-order copies REALLY early and today is the official release day. So yeah. But hey, you can get it now!

Have I ever mentioned how much bootlegs like this crack me up? Because they totally do.

Robotics;Notes part two is out today. As celebration, I’m posting several screencaps along with TOTALLY ORIGINAL song lyrics that I DID NOT STEAL from another animated feature also coming out today. I’ve cleverly decided to call this “Frobotics;Notes.”

Subaru’s in my personal favorite.

Edit: Release day is 3/25 and I misread something somewhere. ::whistles innocently::